Democracy: Is There a Better Way?

Hundreds Of Veterans Heading To Standing Rock To Defend DAPL Protesters From Police.

Why Democracy

Democracy has been selected by capitalism as the default political system because it allows for the widest control platform instead of, for example, a monarchy with a single influential family. Democracy allows the most people to participate in the control of the political process. Watching the circus that is this year’s election cycle, we might want to re-consider this sacred cow. Is there a better way?

Capitalism took off because it is the most efficient system to convert resources to money. Since everything except happiness can be had with money, more money is one of everyone’s goals.

Connect the dots. We needed a control system that makes people believe they have some influence in their lives and creates the most money. Tada! democracy as born. Your chance of influencing a political decision is about the same as getting hit by lightning. Voters have to file ballot measures to have some influence, but that takes a herculean effort and is seldom successful.

Iroquois Confederacy

The Great confederacy of the Haudenosaunee was the model Benjamin Franklin brought to the founding fathers. The Iroquois confederacy had bicameral political bodies, house and senate plus a supreme court. The Europeans imperfectly copied the confederacy in four important ways. The confederacy had:

  1. No chief executive.
  2. Only women could vote but any gender could be a representative.
  3. The whole nation had to vote to change the boarders or go to war.
  4. No binding everyday decisions. The purpose the confederacy was to maintain peace between the tribes, more like the United Nations. It was not to micromanage people’s everyday lives.

Monopoly Government: Its All we Have

That is the point, our democratic government is a monopoly. Since when in your local town can group of well meaning people say, “Hey, we will manage ourselves and start our own government. We don’t like yours.” That would be unheard of, people should start saying, “This current governmental system is stupid, we are moving on.”

I am not suggesting to not be a law abiding citizen. I am saying think outside the box. In fact, get rid of the box all together. Look at it as withdrawing support or participation. Hierarchies have great defenses from attacks from below but none again people just walking away.

Have you ever wondered why all governments are essentially organized the same? Modern government wether empire, monarchy or democracy is based on the Roman grid control system. There is a reason the Roman government has existed for 700 or 2,000 years depending on how you define it.

The Roman grid controls a geographic area and population in this hierarchy: nation, state or provence, country or district, municipality. All governments breakdown control this way. Corporation essentially do the same thing.

The closest thing I know of to true democracy is the town of Ophir, Colorado. Ophir has a home rule charter and is run by its General Assembly which includes all registered voters. In other words, if  you show up at a town meeting everyone can vote. There is no town council other than the mayor who chairs the meeting, a clerk and treasurer. That’s it!

Politics = State + Capitalism + Media

Aka the Trump media circus. The whole process of selecting political leader is a circus. Only people that are ego maniacs that believe they know best and should be in charge, bother to be politicians. The higher the office, the bigger the ego. If a politician is not sensational they do not get media coverage. Nothing more needs to be said.

The Blind Leading the Blind

Real knowledge of how to make the world a better place for all life and morals have nothing to do with politics. Neither does religion which was separated form the state starting with the Reformation.

The only people who should be making decisions for human social organization should be elders who derive their livelihood from nature, ideally a permaculture teacher elder or a druid if you can find one. After interning as a young man on capital hill and the executive office of the President and county and town politics as an adult, I have never met a politician who had a clue on how the world regenerates vs. how politician get sh*t done. They are not the same thing.

Ethical Government: The Impossible Dream

Its seems that permaculture ethics are the only thing that make sense:

  1. Care for the earth.
  2. Care for people.
  3. Share the surplus.

These may feel Native American and they should. Ethics are a topic for other postings. But, the bottom line is that people only care for what they depend on for their livelihood. If you have a system that is wholly based on money, that’s all people care about. Money twists every action of governance.

To get a form of governance, or lack there of, that can bring us back into alignment living in a healthy coexistence with our relations and the planet, we are going to have to shift how we derive our livelihood. Right livelihood will not come from government or religion but from those who seek to follow a path with heart.

The Power Revolution: Binding Decisions

Since you have no input into political decisions, democracy is essentially a dictatorship with interest like corporations and super PACs telling you how to live.

To take a big step back, the Agricultural Revolution 6,000 to 10,000 years ago was not about food. It was the Power or Dominion Revolution which led to binding enforceable decisions. Dominion is of both the earth and of people. Temples and governments all came after the Power Revolution.

One of the biggest problems the U.S. Government had controlling native peoples was that there was no one in charge the way Europeans understood it. So the Bureau of Indian Affairs forced native peoples to hold elections to create tribal councils so that there would be someone to bind the tribe to a decision such as sell coal to the Peabody Coal company. Today, you can drive through reservations and see hand painted signs encouraging you to vote for one tribal council candidate or another.

The whole point is that there should be no “government” per se. Sure their can be a body that maybe sets federal highway standards but revenues to build the highways can be levied from a gas tax.

If you take money out of everything such as a for profit food supply, things get a lot healthier and safer. Everything should be vastly simplified. For example, if you cannot eat it or drink it you cannot add it to the food supply. If you cannot dink a pint of Roundup without dying you cannot sell it. For that matter only sell something that is all natural and unprocessed in the first place.

The only country that is threatening to invade the U.S. is Mexico and they will have won by default in a few decades anyway. Spanish is already the most commonly spoken language in southern California. So, dump the military, almost half of the federal budget.

The place we have gotten ourselves in a pickle is with law enforcement and the private prison system. Our prison population is so vast that is makes the Chinese look like pacifists. Law enforcement had to be invented when we invented a large group of anonymous people with no resources living together in something called a town or city. Again, another topic for future postings.

Moral of The Story: End the Monopoly

Find your local tribe and start living by your own means more each generation. Teach your children to think independently. Don’t be a TV watching zombie. More postings to come, enjoy!

Chuck Burr