6 Circles of Enlightenment

Enso by Bankei Yitaku, Wikimedia

Society is made up six concentric circles or rings all getting smaller and more enlightened as one moves inward. This is another way to look at enlightening.

First and larger than all of the other rings of society combined are TV watching zombies. They will live and die oblivious to the real world around them.

The Second ring includes people who know there is something wrong with society or the way they have been taught to live their lives but they cannot put their finger on it and carry on as usual.

The Third ring include people who have decided to start taking matter into their own hands and are researching. They read as much as they can from spirituality, permaculture to even conspiracy theory. They read read read. These are your activists or as some call them green tops.

The Fourth ring are people who have selected a focus. They are going to learn all they can about biodynamic gardening, Reiki healing, athletes, etc. They are also cultural creative activists.

The Fifth ring are the teachers that train, mentor and write.

The Six circle is the center, the masters, Yoda, those who just are, usually self-taught. Enlightened in their area of interest, Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, Prince and the 14th Dalai Lama. Very few exist.

Chuck Burr