The 1 Thing Destroying The World

Land cleared of tropical rainforest for establishment of oil palm plantation in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, Wikimedia.

To save the world you have to know what is causing the problem. There is one thing destroying the world. Everything else is just a symptom of this one idea.

The meme that we can do and accomplish anything is taught to us from the earliest age by our parents and the rest of society. From the sandbox to the playground our imagination is taught to reach for the stars. Books, TV and movies teach us that the impossible may be possible.

As adults we are taught to help our employers do whatever they need to accomplish their goals. We earn money to spend as we wish to satisfy our every need from food, home, to bigger toys. There is almost no limit given resources to what we can do, what we can own or where we can go.

The “Can Do!” Meme is The Destroyer

Yes, consuming is commoditizing the natural world, but the idea that we can do it is more important than the act. This meme is encouraged as the key to success and happiness.

the idea that we can do it is more important than the act

You can go to the store and buy without thought to where it came from, how it was made or who made it. You can buy a lot, scrape the life off of it and build a home. You can buy land, run into the woods with a chainsaw and cut it down.

True Evil, The Species Gap

The “I Can Do It!” meme is so built into society that it is hard to believe it is such an evil. Consuming nature, forcing work on others, or doing harm directly to other species yourself is as much an evil as someone doing the same to you.

  • What if someone came to your neighborhood and leveled all the homes with the people still in them to build their home in the same place?
  • What if someone bred fat humans in death camps to eat them?
  • What if someone tore down our homes to mine them for materials for their use?
  • What if someone plowed under the farms we depend on to grow for themselves instead?
  • What if someone hunted us in our neighborhoods for sport?

We do the same thing everyday to other species and take it for granted that we have the right. Even our institutional religions back up our dominion of the earth with obedience to absolute authority.

Domestication and Extraction

We domesticate animals and plants and call it farming. It is ironic that almost all of the species we depend on for food are so poorly adapted to the wild that they would perish without human propagation. Walk away from your veggie patch and it quickly becomes a weed bed. How long do you think a chicken we survive in the woods?

If we cannot grow it ourselves, we take it from the landscape and call it mining, logging or drilling.

Civilization Lifted the Circuit Breaker With Just an Idea “Can Do” or “Mine”

Native or indigenous societies have something in place that enables them to live in harmony with all other species for perpetuity. This keeps them from destroying the earth the way civilization does.

Call it an ethic or more of the absence of an idea or permitted use. There is no concept of “I can do anything I want” or this is “Mine” so I can do what I want with it.

Care For What You Depend on

Indigenous cultures depend on the wild to be healthy enough to provide the food and shelter they need from the ecosystem as is with nothing more then some tending or encouragement.

The problem is not humanity. Humanity has lived in harmony with the earth for 80,000 to 250,000 years depending on how you define human. Humanity lost its mind and soul in the agricultural revolution 6,000 to 10,000 years ago with the dominion of can do anything to anyone.

Civilization bypasses the wild. We de-personify it and just consume it wholesale. We even breed new plants and animals to increase human yields and push aside other species to make room for our domesticated crops. I know. I sell savable heirloom garden seeds for a living to keep them from going extinct so we can at least grow our own food.

Monopoly, Education and Addictions Are Problems

Civilization and governments are a monopoly. There is no opportunity to “opt out” of government controlled areas. And even if you could find free land, the education or skills to make a living in the wild are not provided by society. Plus we are also addicted to the easy civilized lifestyle.

It needs to be said that governments are nothing more than extended mafia crime families protecting their turfs exploiting their populations. They are run by clubby people who believe they know better and have the right make binding decisions to tell everyone else what they should do and pay in taxes. Everyone, please be a good nonviolent law abiding slave.

Sure they enforce laws but there will be no justice until unequal access to resources has ended, which it never will under civilization. That is the point of civilization to enforce inequity between humans and to all other species, hence The Control System.

One more thing, why are we paying taxes to an entity that can mint its own money?

Civilization can never be “fixed” or “reformed.” Civilization turns humans into cancer on the earth. Next time you get on a plane just look down. From cities, to farm lands, to clear cuts, civilization causes humanity to consume all of the earth. A place is left only if it is too steep, rocky, arid or devoid of minerals to be of economic benefit.

This is a Big Deal

This single idea alone “I Can Do It!” is responsible for humanity destroying the world. End this meme or replace it with a better one and humanity returns to balance with the other species.

No matter what the cause, it is a lost cause until this idea goes away and we return to making a living from the wild. We have a long way to go to turn things around but at least we know the problem now.

This is almost an impossible concept for a civilized person to grok. “I can do anything I want” is the foundation of western civilization and the United States.

Land of the Free [to exploit] and Home of the Brave [because I have a gun].

Translates to:

We are a bunch of weak-minded super-consuming losers who only care about our immediate needs.

Chuck BurrChuck Burr