We Are The Great Invaders

Christopher Columbus is depicted landing in the West Indies, on an island that the natives called Guanahani and he named San Salvador, on October 12, 1492. John Vanderlyn (1775-1852). Wikimedia.

The original natural earth is almost gone. Invaders have stolen, replaced, enslaved or destroyed it. The invasion of the Americas began in 1492 when Columbus was found lost at sea. Wave after wave of brutal invaders followed bringing a mind disease and invasive species. The world today would look like Mars to the original inhabitants.


If no one has the right to invade your home, we do not have the right invade other species’s homes and life-support ecologies. But we do and glorify the invasion with names like farming, timber and mining.

Civilized humans do not take responsibility for our existence, 98 percent of Americans do not farm. Those who do the actual work are woefully underpaid. While 100% of Native Americans were self-sufficient. We “civilized people” do not know how to make a living where we are. We have to pay others to despoil their rural landscapes to support our urban population density and social complexity.

Backwards Ethics

Civilization is a social organization built on one-way ethics and double standards. Praise the lord we have the ten commandments to reinforce human dominion over each other and all other non-humans. Ethics are not ethics if they ignore injustices against anyone especially if they are defenseless nonhuman. We made up a god, we call him god and we made up that he put us in charge. We have to stop doing just because we can.

The next generation of humans, if we survive, will be elders who rescind the agricultural revolution, organized religion, government, hierarchy, civilization and see progress as destruction. If cities were restricted to get all of their inputs from with in 50 miles, their tune we shift in an instant.

Maybe we could offer beaming those who are pro civilization, development and war to Mars. They can “develop” Mars all they want and won’t miss nature. Like the rapture in reverse. Leave the planet to those who care about it. Go trash the rest of the solar system that does not have life.

Civilization has swung too far over to all about humans. It is a non-human “life destroyer” and has left deserts in its footsteps wherever it has gone.

When you despoil something you lose the right to enjoy the benefits. If you want to enjoy something, you have to take responsibility for and nurture it like the Native Americans have with the earth for 10,000 years. Love what you value and defend what you love.

Endless Invasion

The cornerstone of civilization is taking something from someone else to maintain our dense populations. Then dump your garbage someplace else. Also known as manifest destiny or the green revolution. Today somewhere else is most often rural areas whether home or abroad to urban areas. Away has gone away, unless you have a lot of oil, then we invade for some cockamamy reason.

Money is not compensation for trashing someone’s landscape or replacing their society by force wether by corporations or surrogate war.

Us people have no right to endlessly destroy the homes and ecosystems of all other species. If your are Christian and you are pro-life, give me a break, when was the last time christians or anyone else for that matter stood in front of the logging trucks to prevent the clear cut to build more houses. Its “civilized” people driving the trucks regardless of religion.

We must radically reduce our human population and give back three quarters or 80 percent of what we have taken. If every family had one child, human population would peacefully drop to 1 billion in 100 years. The hospital should hand you the baby and a vasectomy on the way out the door, “You’re done, take care of this one.”

In the mean time, I am hoping for a good alien invasion. Some alien who farms our bodies and mines our homes for raw materials.

Over It

Saying civilization can be fixed or sustainable is like saying war can be made friendly. Your smoking Oregon’s finest if you believe otherwise or you are dumber than a pile of rocks. Everyone is so brainwashed and dependent on the suckle of society to stay alive that they have or known of no alternative.

If civilization does not exhaust itself in favor of the old ways, the world by the next millennia will be mostly desert dotted with radioactive hot spots because the ancestors were dumb enough to use nuclear power. You great great + grandchildren will be Bedouins. A few miles from me in Oregon, the home of American timber, in every direction deforestation is beginning. Areas that once had 4-6′ diameter trees will never have forests on them again — just to make a quick buck for someone who is now dead.

Americans, the people who cannot muster a better political candidate than Trump, do not see it because we have only been earnestly trashing our landscape for 100 years. We have spent 500 years wrestling the garden of eden away from the people who spent 10,000 years perfecting it.

Talk about all you can eat steak, 100 million buffalo, gone. A billion passenger pigeons, gone. Thousands of miles of salmon fisheries, gone. Old grow forests, gone. Virgin topsoil 10–20 feet deep, gone. Every drop of water pristine from sea to shining sea, gone. An eden of biodiversity, gone. And the despoiling is just getting started.

What a bunch of greedy, short sighted, dumb asses. Not to pick on Americas, every nation has done it to feed the cities in the name of civilization.

Wood Houses

How can your protest a clear cut in a wood house? First, don’t be a hypocrite. Second, if you have been given no choice but to live the lifestyle you were born into, be brave and create a new one. Build a cob community and take responsibility for your existence by growing some food at home, plant perennial orchards, create a tribal business and teach others. Don’t pay attention to the cartoon media, create a new society. The best way to kill a meme is to invent a better one.


The only consolation is that the problem is not humanity. Humanity has lived on the earth for 150,000 years or so. It is the novel social organizational system called civilization that turns humanity into locusts and spreads cows across the landscape like aphids.

We Can Do This

Let’s get started. In just eight years since we arrived on a hay field, Restoration Farm has planted five acres of food forests, 100 fruit trees and 2,000 blueberries. Restoration Seeds distributes 1,000 varieties of rare savable open pollinated seeds. SOSGA unites local seed growers. We have taught 70 people permaculture design. Our students are making a difference here and around the world. We published Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution and write about culture and how to have healthy relationships.

Get off your butt, stop complaining and do something for yourself, the next generation and all of our relations.

Chuck Burr