COVID-19 Shut It Down: Rebuild It For Eternity [Music Video and Movie]

There is no redeeming value to civilization. Let the house of cards fall and rebuild for eternity.

Neal Young with Crazy Horse: Shut It Down

We see these natural tragedies, which are the Earth’s response to our maltreatment. I think that if I ask the Lord now what he thinks about this, I don’t think he would say it is a very good thing. It is we who have ruined the work of God. We have sinned against the Earth, against our neighbor and, in the end, against the creator.[1]


– Pope Francis. 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans

Every human civilization has failed. Only indigenous human cultures living in harmony with Nature survive for hundreds of thousands of years. There is no exception.

Restoring Nature is our only hope. The only way there is one-child-families. Nothing else will ever work.



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Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution.


[1] Reuters. On Earth Day, pope says nature will not forgive our trespasses. April 22, 2020. Philip Pullella.