Trump May Not Have COIVD-19

What if President Trump does not have COVID-19? Why would he fake getting the virus? What are the red flags that he does not have the coronavirus?

Red Flags That Trump Does Not Have COVID-19

Improved too quickly. Yes, Trump was diagnosed early, and has world-class healthcare, but COVID patients stay sicker longer. Even my friend’s 20 year old child that caught the virus still has trouble breathing, and is coughing six months after their infection. If Trump is back at his desk being crazy again next week, then he probably never really had it. [Bingo! I was right on this one. Two days and he’s all better. His treatment that was developed using tissue that originally came from an abortion.]

Trump’s Doctor was told Trump tested positive. There is no independent verification of Trump testing positive. Nor an image of a test result. Trump’s doctor did not say, “I tested Mr. Trump, and the result was positive.” He said, “I was told he tested positive.” [Bingo! I was right on this on. NBC News this morning, “Trump asked Walter Reed doctors to sign nondisclosure agreements in 2019.”].

Antibody treatment smokescreen. His antibody treatment will show him testing positive for antibodies for months. This is the perfect smokescreen. [Bingo! I was right on this one. The New York Times this morning, “Trump’s doctors offer scant information on his condition but says tests have shown he has antibodies.”]

Went To events positive. Present Trump went to public and private events after the date he tested positive. This means his staff knowingly enabled him to attend events testing positive.

Timeline is conflicting. The President’s staff has given conflicting timelines when Trump tested positive and what his medical condition is.

No event contact tracing. The CDC tracing team was never initiated after spreading at events at the White House. This is reckless.

Trump is not getting tested. The last time Trump said he tested negative for COVID-19 was in May, 2020, and the White House refuses to say if he’s tested negative since.

Trump’s Son Claims Trump Received a Vaccine. Eric Trump on Sunday touted a nonexistent “vaccine” that he claimed dramatically helped his father, President Donald Trump, recover from COVID-19 after the president “worked” hard to get it developed. The president didn’t get a vaccine, nor has he developed one, nor is it clear he’s recovered.[0]

Lier. Trump is a pathological lier. His grasp on reality is: what benefits him. Trump has lied to the American people thousands of times over the last four years. Why not now?

Why Trump Would Fake Having COVID-19

Win election by beating COVID-19. He can return to office telling supporters that he beat the virus and it’s not that bad. To make him look like a hero. [Bingo! I was right on this one. “Catching the coronavirus was a blessing from God.”].

Avoid losing the election. Donald Trump hates to loose. His staff may have told him he will lose big and the Democrats may have offered him a deal in exchange for leaving: the Supreme Court Justice.

Avoid going to jail. We will know more in a few weeks. But, if Trump hands over power to Vice President Pence, then Pence can pardon Trump of all State and Federal crimes. Jump avoids public trails and jail time.

Avoid Further Presidential Debates. Biden’s lead doubled after the last debate. I am sure his staff has warned him that his debate performance is detrimental to his campaign.

By the end of 2020, nearly as many U.S. citizens will have died from COVID-19 as all U.S. and allied military deaths during the Vietnam War from 1954 to 1975 combined.

President Trump tweeting, “Don’t be afraid of Covid.”, while the West Wing outbreak grows, is insanity. By the end of 2020, nearly as many U.S. citizens will have died from COVID-19 as all U.S. and allied military deaths during the Vietnam War from 1954 to 1975 combined.[1]

Nixon Meets Kennedy

Donald Trump is circling the drain. He has $400 million in debt coming due that he cannot pay. He is facing several criminal charges primarily revolving around tax evasion. It appears Trump will lose the election and the Senate by a landslide. In Trump’s mind, a desperate measure had to be taken. Maybe faking having COVID-19 was it?

The true story here is probably as bizarre and significant as President Kennedy’s assassination and Nixon’s Watergate break-in coverup. Much of the White House says it is infected now. Let’s watch and see how this unfolds.

Trump gasping upon returned to the White House, October 5, 2020. Link below.

If the President and his staff does indeed have COVID-19, I wish them a swift recovery and that our government promptly provide the level of testing and health care that the President of the United States received.

Wear your mask. 😷

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Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised Fourth Edition. 10th Anniversary.


[0] Huffington Post. Eric Trump Says Nonexistent COVID-19 Vaccine His Dad ‘Took’ Worked Really ‘Well’. Mary Papenfuss

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[Image] Trump gasping. Twitter. Brennan Murphy.