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Vancouver Island – Ancient Forest Clearcut near Port Renfrew, BC. Photo: TJ Watt.

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Unearned Income: Is A Crime

Jesus was probably murdered after turning over the money lenders tables. Society was already on its way to ruin 2022 years ago. Ninety-plus percent of us should be furious that unearned income and endless wealth is built into society.

Economics: Creates Problems, Not Solve Them

Question: What do inequity, billionaires, denuded landscapes, drought, over population, and homelessness have in common? Answer: Economics. The very thing we rely on to sustain us is our Achilles heal. We need to change our view of Economics from the panacea for all of our ills, to severe skepticism.

Empathy: Why Is Humanity Failing It?

Humanity is supposed to be the most brilliant species, why don’t we care for more than just ourselves? Why is civilized society destructive? What can’t humanity restore its balance with Nature? The way the title reads hints at the answer.

Wholistic Education: Easiest Way Improve Society

We are limited by our education, guided by experience, and judge by our context. After one-child families, wholistic education is the best way to improve society. Why teach our children to make the same mistakes we have made for generations? We need well educated critical thinkers.


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