Gender Affects Everything

Vancouver Island – Ancient Forest Clearcut near Port Renfrew, BC. Photo: TJ Watt.

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Spiritual Communities May Reconnect Us To Nature

The living wild Earth is dying. How soon, when will it affect us, what are we to do, how is our seventh generation to make a livelihood? Our mother, AKA Nature is telling us the civilized way is shut. If we learn from her, she will teach us as the way forward? Working with Nature, […]

If Earth Was Your Body?

Gaia is a giant, living, self-regulating organism. However, in the last 1 minute of a human life she has gone into shock. Her immune system crashed, circulatory system clogged, respiratory trauma, fever spiked, weakness, and her digestion poisoned. What is going on?

Women: Can Save The World

For thousands of years men have controlled our destiny, and created our problems. Why are women better suited to be better future leaders?

Dominion: The Biblical Story Destroying Earth

It is ironic that Chapter I of the Book of Genesis, the foundational text of Abrahamic religions, created the meme that is destroying the very world that the book proclaims God created for man. Dominion is the cornerstone for all of humanity’s destruction.

Art of Mark Henson: Awakening

The Once-In-A-While News: From The Studio of Mark Henson What in the world do you write about during a pandemic? You don’t want to rile people up anymore than they are.The beginning of this newsletter might be a tough read but the ending is wonderful, so bear with me. Most of the people that we […]


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