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Vancouver Island – Ancient Forest Clearcut near Port Renfrew, BC. Photo: TJ Watt.

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COVID Is Man-made: Five Reasons Why

Here are the five reason why I believe COVID and the omicron variant are man-made. I am not an epidemiologists, but see if this logic makes sense. The links in the text are useful.

Empathy: Why Is Humanity Failing It?

Humanity is supposed to be the most brilliant species, why don’t we care for more than just ourselves? Why is civilized society destructive? What can’t humanity restore its balance with Nature? The way the title reads hints at the answer.

Wholistic Education: Easiest Way Improve Society

We are limited by our education, guided by experience, and judge by our context. After one-child families, wholistic education is the best way to improve society. Why teach our children to make the same mistakes we have made for generations? We need well educated critical thinkers.

One-Child Families: The Only Way To Save The World

This is dedicated to my daughter Bridget, who walked out of her high school class today to protest government inaction on climate change. Many of our problems, including climate change, can only be solved with one-child families.

Natural Communities May Reconnect Us To Earth

The living wild Earth is dying. How soon, when will it affect us, what are we to do, how is our seventh generation to make a livelihood? Our mother, AKA Nature is telling us the civilized way is shut. If we learn from her, she will teach us as the way forward? Working with Nature, […]


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