The Restoration Revolution

Coronavirus COVID-19: Something Does Not Add Up. March 14, 2020.
Something about this Coronavirus, its affects, timing, media attention, public reaction do not add up. Let’s take a look at what is happening. But, first the best Coronavirus prevention tips. Read more →

Evolution of Human Abstract Thought is The Most Dangerous Thing on Earth, Feb 8, 2020
Nature evolves to fill a gap or overcome a challenge. Sustainability dictates that nature does not over-evolve. However, human language and reasoning capacity is probably 10x over-evolved than is necessary to find food, mate and survive. What problem was the human brain evolved to solve? What is this power that has been created? What is the danger? Read more →

Vegans Can Save The World, Feb 4, 2020
Diet plays a huge role in our health as well as the health of our planet. One can’t be a world saver eating meat, eggs, dairy or fish. If we are not honest with ourselves, we are going to cook our children’s goose, literally. Read more →

Indigenous Peoples Day: Columbus Invasion Day, Oct 6, 2019
The invasion of the Americas began in 1492 when the slave-trader Columbus was found lost at sea by the friendly Arawak peoples.[1] Waves of indifferent invaders brought disease, invasive species and toxic memes. So much of wild America has been destroyed that the Arawak could not recognize it today. It is time to honor the Indigenous peoples who tended the wildlands we enjoy today. Read more →

The Control System: Understand it to Leave it, Oct 5, 2019
The Control System began 6,000 to 10,000 years ago as the Agricultural Revolution. Today, the control system is as ubiquitous as the air we breath and is responsible for the structure of society today. Read more →

American Democracy is Broken: Part I, Oct 3, 2019
The larger our population and, ironically, the more information we have, the further the democracy seems to degenerate. Social media echo chambers are polarizing and dumbing-down our electorate. News has become propaganda. Being right at the expense of public benefit has become the norm. What is the state of American democracy? Read more →

Democracy 2.0: What it Might Look Like, Sep 30, 2019
Capitalism took off because it is the most efficient social coordination system to convert natural resources to capital. Democracy was selected because it created a broader top for more elite. Democracy also gives the feeling of enfranchisement to a growing middle-class. However, people are beginning to see how cumbersome electing officials is and how little political control they have. What would Democracy 2.0 look like? Read more →

The One-Child Revolution, Sep 19, 2019
This is dedicated to my daughter Bridget, who walked out of her high school class today to protest government inaction on climate change. Many of our problems, including climate change, can only be solved with one-child families. Read more →

Climate Change: Deforestation is the Cause, Sep 18, 2019
Despite what is usually reported in the media, fossil fuel emissions are not the main cause of climate change. Climate change is human-made, however, it is primarily caused by deforestation, not fossil fuel emissions. And, if we continue to not accept this, we will never solve the problem. Read more →

Enlightenment: What It Is, Sep 16, 2019
Enlightenment is to see the world and our lives as they truly are vs. how civilization has programmed the escalator of our life into our minds. We know we are getting closer when the world appears to us as a bad Disney cartoon: media is nonsense and politicians are clueless egomaniacs competing to be on the media stage. Read more →

Best Activism: Most Change With the Least Work, Sep 2, 2019
How can we move from having an opinion about something to activism? How can we make the biggest difference with the least effort? Here are the top 10 easiest ways to make the world a better place for future generations and all species. Read more →

BioRobot: We Are Programmed Animals, Aug 27, 2019
All animals, from humans to Pavlov’s Dogs, download an operating system. The key is which operating system to you run. Understanding this programming is key to what it will take to improving society and literally saving the world. The most dangerous thing in the universe is a sentient mind on civilization. Read more →

Dominion: The Biblical Story Destroying Earth, May 15, 2019
It is ironic that Chapter I of the Book of Genesis, the foundational text of Abrahamic religions, created the meme that is destroying the very world that the book proclaims God created for man. Dominion is the cornerstone for all of humanity’s destruction. Read more →

Fresh Minds: to Save the World, Jan 1, 2019
I have spent the last 15 years trying to figure out how to save the world. What it comes down to is our minds are addicted and we have to let go of everything we know. Caution, this is guaranteed to blow your mind. Read more →

Vanlife: How to Be Alive, Dec 30, 2018
There are few ways learned what life is truly about. And after parenting, traveling is the next best way. The adventure I have chosen is Vanlife. I have sold the farm, organized life and am jumping in my 1984 VW Vanagon to travel full-time. Here is how to feel alive. Read more →

Jubilee 2020: Dump Our Rotting Economics, Oct 14, 2018
Forgiving debt is an ancient Hebrew practice that will benefit everyone and harm no one. We need to do this and much more to save ourselves, our children and our planet. Read more →

Clear-Cutting: Smoke and Climate Change, Sep 1, 2018
Almost everyone accepts forest clear-cutting as a given, while the economic damage from smoke alone exceeds the forestry income and it is a root cause of climate change. Let’s see how it is all connected. Read more →

Forest Thinning: Fuel Reduction or Deforestation?, Dec 3, 2017
After hearing the sound of helicopter logging in the Ashland, Oregon watershed, I looked into forest thinning’s pros and cons. Here is what I found. Read more →

Modernity Meditation (poetry), Oct 6, 2017
Our weaknesses is our strength. We are wrong when we think we are right. Our brains are too large. The executive center overrides the natural. Read more →

The Lies of Our Fathers: Its Time to Write a New Story, Oct 6, 2017
You will find many a member of the Abrahamic cult known as Christianity who promote their religion to others. You will find a few brave souls who devote their lives to alleviating the suffering of the poor. But they they are not wise enough to treat the cause of the poverty nor cherish the home their god gave them. Read more →

Free Your Thinking: 10 Ways to Improve Society for the Better, Jun 4, 2017
Society today is dictated by laws written 80 or 150 years ago by long-dead entitled white men. Who says we have to live by the way of the dead? Especially, when most of their rules created a control system to protect the 1 percent’s wealth hierarchy. Here are 10 innovative ideas to make it easier to improve society for the youth of today. Read more →

The Tower of Babel: To a Better Future, Mar 8, 2017
At first glance the lesson of the Tower of Babel story is if everyone is not coordinated, the tower cannot be built. There is a bigger lesson to be learned. Read more →

Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution (book), Feb 22, 2017
Synopsis: Why do we have to participate in the destruction of the earth to survive? Why do we have to work to buy food? Weren’t food and land free once? Is there a better way to live? Are we living our truth? Are there skills that we are not being taught? What changes will make a real difference? Read more →

An Inconvenient Truth: Cities Are Destroying The World, Feb 6, 2017
The core reason rural landscapes are despoiled is cities. From clear cut forests to mono-crop industrial agriculture, its to feed the cities. Read more →

Wildcraft: If Your Serious About Saving the World, Dec 30, 2016
We can downsize, recycle and homestead all we want but consumption, population growth and environmental loss will continue. The efforts of activists, NGOs and well meaning leaders are not reversing human impact. So what is the answer? Read more →

Teach Your Children Well: Save The World, Nov 18, 2016
How do you truly make the world a better place for everyone, human and all of our relations? Revolutions change civilization. Anarchists say we need to stop it. I would say we need to replace it with something better. Follow this journey of logic to a better world. Read more →

Wild Poetry, Sep 21, 2016
When I am born
where would I be without your loving arms around me?
Read more →

Poetry: To Be Divine is Not Civilized, Sep 21, 2016
The society we raise our children in and grow old in will again be divine.
The air is fresh, the water clean, forest whole, trees proud, sounds of nature fill my ears. Dear ones are near, alive and passed. Life’s cares met from cradle to grave. Read more →

How to Get Access to Land, Aug 3, 2016
Private property is probably the silliest idea civilized people invented next to war. The brilliant fellow who cut the valley floor I live on, perpendicular to the watershed and bulldozed Indian burial mounds, promptly died of colon cancer after he sold off his McFarms. Talk about instant karma. Read more →

Civilization: Why Knowing What it is Matters to Activists, Jun 20, 2016
Why is it important to understand what civilization is? Because you cannot improve or cope with something unless you know what it is and what actually is causing it. Read more →

10 Things to Make the Biggest Difference, Jun 15, 2016
Besides recycling what can we do that makes the biggest difference for a better world? Hint: Recycling is not on the list. Read more →

The Next Big Thing, May 4, 2016
The business as usual period of society that we grew up in is beginning to come to a close. The change to a future we cannot see yet will be driven by winds of change. Read more →

Private Property: There Has Got to be a Better Way, Apr 25, 2016
If you are happy with a price of property you own, come on, you are only thinking about yourself.
The Fallacy of Ownership. Read more →

6 Circles of Enlightenment, Apr 24, 2016
Society is made up six concentric circles or rings all getting smaller and more enlightened as one moves inward. This is another way to look at enlightening.

First and larger than all of the other rings of society combined are TV watching zombies. They will live and die oblivious to the real world around them. Read more →

Money: 10 Unintended Consequence, Apr 24, 2016
Money seems to be better than sliced bread. You cannot get enough of it. Here is a quick read on some of the reasons we may want to consider alternatives to monetarizing the world. Read more →

Paying People to Populate, Apr 23, 2016
You can’t complain about traffic or over population if you subscribe to modern society. It’s a sticky wicket to discuss but government and especially western society pay people to have more children. Read more →

The Mind Disease: Makes People Crazy, Apr 13, 2016
Civilized people have thoughts today that would never be considered by the previous 99.9% of human generations. I do not mean clever thoughts of science, but the thoughts that prevent civilization from coexisting with nature and living in peace with each other. Read more →

The American Conscience: Not, Mar 28, 2016
What is The Measure of a People? The measure of a people is not:
How much they build.
How large their population.
How great their technology or fine their art.
The measure of a people is:
Read more →