Wild [Poetry]

Cheewhat cedar are Canada's largest tree. Photo: TJ Watt.

When I am born
where would I be without your loving arms around me?

You are my birth, life, death and regeneration
You are my daughter and my son
You are the giver of seeds to all woman
You are the rebirth so we may come again
You are the breaking of the newborn’s water
You are the flood’s scent of lovage and wild ginger

While I live
where would I be without your air, fire, earth and water?

You are sun, rain and the moon up above
You are the young, old and mate I love
You are the warning thunder
You are a trillion stars of wonder
You are the burgeoning lettuce in spring
You are the thing that makes the birds forget to sing

When I am old
where would I be without your warm solstice embers?

You are gravity and flight
You give and takes our sight
You will carry on when we are gone
You will caretake generations for eons
You tells us “the why” when we are old
You give us the young ones to hold

When I die
where would I be without your loving soil to receive me?

You are easily yielding
You are always receiving
You receive my fire of life
You will shine my eyes in the wildlife
Your create life and soil from out bodies
You whisper our names in the trees

In regeneration
where would I be without your infinite spirit to live on

You are creation, peace and immense solitudes
You give us the ray, the sun and gay mood
You give us laws that can never be foiled
You tell us that every species must build topsoil
You will always remember our forgotten souls
You give us life if we keep her whole

You are Nature
The wild the free!
Without you here I shall never be

Chuck Burr

Photo: TJ Watt, Conservation Photographer.