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To provoke thought for those wanting to make the world a better place. To question things we believe to see other possibilities. Because I have to point the way for all life’s future generations.

– Chuck Burr

Chuck Burr is a philosopher, environmentalist, activist, seed saver, permaculturalist, entrepreneur, rock climber, ultra runner, and full-time father. He is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution and Photo: Chuck with family, the brilliant Bridget and Charlie. Behind us is a cross-section of a single old-growth redwood tree.

Burr has an MBA in Finance, and a Bachelor of Accounting. While at George Washington University studying accounting, Burr interned in the Executive Office of the President for the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office for Bilateral Affairs for Western Europe for President Reagan. He also interned on Capital Hill for two U.S. Congressmen.

Chuck began his career at Accenture Strategy & Consulting, the largest consulting firm in the world. In 1987 Chuck Burr founded ZPIX Computer Graphics. By age 39 had retired and grown ZPIX to $40 million in cumulative present revenues. Chuck wrote software to automate large retail advertising departments. ZPIX was the first Apple Computer dealership dedicated to electronic publishing. Chuck sold the first color desktop publishing system in the United States and the second in the world.

Since retiring from ZPIX, he has founded public-benefit companies and nonprofits. He founded Restoration Seeds, the Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association, the Southern Oregon Permaculture Institute. At Restoration Seeds, Burr created the second largest catalog of 1,100 savable seeds (open-pollinated) for sale in the world. Most people do not know that 80–90 percent of seeds for sale are hybrids and cannot be saved. Each year Chuck grew over 100–200 varieties of certified organic vegetable, herb and flower varieties from seed to seed or saved perennial wildcrafted seed. Chuck also bred several new vegetable varieties. So that the they may never be patented, he pledged the new varieties to the Open Source Seed Initiative. He has planted native tree and edible food-forests.

Chuck has served on several environmental nonprofit boards from the Eastern Slope of Colorado to Southern Oregon. Chuck has also participated in successful campaigns to save the Telluride, Colorado, Valley Floor from development and also the ballot measure to ban growing genetically-modified (GMO) seeds in Jackson and Josephine counties, Oregon.

To know truth, one must choose to openly pursue it.

– Emanuel Kant


CulturequakeFront03-16-10Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution [Book]

Revised Fourth Edition. 10 Year Anniversary.

Synopsis: Why do we have to participate in the destruction of the earth to survive? Why do we have to work to buy food? Weren’t food and land free once? Is there a better way to live? Are we living our truth? Are there skills we are not being taught? What changes will make a real difference?

Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution reveals our only long-term solutions by taking a hard look at how we got here and why we may not be able to fix civilization. Chuck Burr shows us better ways to live beyond modern consumer culture.

By seeing through whole-systems eyes, we can start living more in tune with our needs and more deeply connected to the earth. Don’t wait!—read this book and let us create a new culture together.

Reviews: Few books have caused me to rethink my entire view of human history and human culture as Culturequake has. — Larry Korn, editor and translator of The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka. Author of The One Straw Revolutionary.

While not everyone is ready to drop their current lifestyles, the idea that there is a different way to live that harmonizes our relations with all living beings is both comforting and exciting. Culturequake is a highly recommended read. — Kris Holstrom, New Community Coalition, San Miguel County Commissioner and Sustainability Coordinator, Telluride, Colorado.

Tying together the bits and pieces, the anecdotes, stories and flashes of recognition for the first time. — Marc Hurlbert

A thoroughly researched and well-indexed book. Great for those who are new to the idea of how people in our culture live beyond the human definition. It also serves as a great reference for those already “in” on the taker/leaver concept. Chuck writes in a simple, easy to read style without a lot of flowery conjecture. This is a fact-filled book that I believe I will use as a reference for years to come. — Eric Jergensen

As alarming world news is now, his fresh, brilliant, new message is that the answers that served humanity well for so long before these times can still serve us well. In fact, combining the best of both world’s, it could be so great, we’d look on the last few thousand years as a mere hiccup.
— John Cruickshank, Inventor of the Sunny John, Greenhouse Subterranean Heating and Cooling and Hobbit House website.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded out humanity.

— Albert Einstein

Available on Kindle in eBook and Paperback.

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