Herstory: Introduction

Culturequake: Herstory, is Book 2 in the continuing series to create a new story for our children and for all life. Each essay focuses on a challenge or solution to form a whole. Threads are woven between essays.

Herstory is available here online only.

Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution, is Book 1 of the Culturequake series (below). It focuses on the history story called civilization. This male story: history has made humanity a detriment to our own survival and of other life.

Herstory: Table of Contents

The Culturequake.com website homepage is the Table of Contents for Culturequake: Herstory.

Culturequake: Herstory by Chuck Burr is offered to replace our male programming, education, and religions downloaded from birth. Civilization will eventually consume all resources, and cripple the biosphere unless we return to the original Herstory. Humanity was evolved to live in harmony with all species. That we are here today, proves that feminine, indigenous, tribal society works.

It Is The Connections of The Knowledge That Matter

To make sense of the past, present, and future, one must know a bit about a lot of things, and then see the connections between them. One must understand something about sciences, history, culture, economics, etc. How does a change in one or threads change the future? To see this one must know how Earth, our bodies, social organizations, physics, work in relation to each other. What I have tried to do in Culturequake 1 and 2 is organize the key information, then draw the connections for you. I had to write a new software and create a relational database to do this with Culturequake 1. The computer did the work of 30 researchers. The synthesis of Culturequake 2 grew out of volume 1. To survive and move in a health fashion beyond civilization we just look at the world with whole systems eyes.

Read Essays in Sequence

Readers can now see all new writings organized in the table of contents. These essays form the Chapters of Book 2. They build on one another. Deeper thoughts are built on the foundation laid by prior essays. Read them in sequence. Reading essays individually is almost pointless. The author encourages readers to begin by reading Book 1 as a foundation, Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution.

Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution, Volume 1 in the Culturequake series. The Fourth Edition: Revised 10th Anniversary is in print now.

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Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised 10th Anniversary, Fourth Edition. If you like it, share this post.