The Dominion Game: Our Undoing?

We live out our lives in a game. Only Earth is real. The role we are able to play is based on the rules. Our resources are limited by our’s and our parent’s winnings. For the winners, it has been a fun ride. However, the Dominion Game may prove to be humanity’s undoing.

Society Is a Game Called Civilization

Society is a game. We are the players. Winnings are all of the resources humans have dominion over. Everyone must play. Rules enforce the game. Only humans can play.


The smoothest one percent of players get some of the winnings in the form of wealth. One percent or less of the winners get almost all of the winnings. These ultra-winners are called billionaires, whales, or the owners. Everyone else gets crumbs so they do not riot. Almost nothing in the game is free, not even food or shelter. The game operating system is downloaded through education. Education however, is free because it is part of the Control System.

Winnings are for the exclusive enjoyment of the winners. Continued winning by future generations is ensured by passing on wealth. This gives winner-offspring an advantage over other players.

Monopoly Game

There is only one game: Dominion or civilization. No other games or societies are permitted. Everyone must play the civilization game or we starve. Civilization must continue at all costs. Some societies appear different, but they share the core rules such as man’s dominion over other life, hierarchy, property ownership, etc.

The current universal game replaced all prior games or indigenous societies. All prior winners became losers. Prior rules and memory of earth-based societies were erased.

The Rules

Only ultra-winners can change the rules. Rules are usually changed for the benefit of the winners. If one violates the rules, they are labeled a criminal or worse thrown in jail. There is no limit to the level of violence or resources applied to enforce the rules: including war. The Control System has perpetuated the Dominion Game, and preventing healthier societies from evolving.

If there are surplus resources, rules may be temporarily changed by share with lower players. But once, resources are low again, or population is too high, inequality resumes. For example, the industrial revolution enabled the temporary creation of a middle class. This will be eliminated when fossil fuels run out. Without oil, Dominion Game players can’t grow the huge quantities of food and goods, and transport it to population centers. It took us about 120 years to ramp up fossil fuel use, and we have burned half of recoverable fuels. It will take less time to burn the rest. We can’t make a solar panel without fossil fuels. Good luck continuing the current game for much longer.

We sugarcoat our social organizational system by calling it society or civilization. But, it’s really just a game with rules. Dominion Game rules force everyone to live in a bad version of an amusement park, where winners take all with little empathy.

Humans, Earth, and All Species Lose

A version of dominion called capitalism has become the dominant game because it most efficiently converts the Earth and human labor to wealth. Wealth is then collected by the winners and rule enforcers to create more wealth. However, because capitalism is the most efficient game or system, it destroys Earth the fastest.

The Dominion Game will consume all species until Earth’s ecosystems collapse — similar to human history in the Middle East and North Africa. Climate change is only a symptom of bio-systems failure. Ecosystem collapsing is accelerating from Morocco to California. Because rain-creating, old-growth American forests have been removed, annual precipitation where I live in Southern California has dropped 9″ to 5 to 2 per year. The creosote bush, the last surviving hardy plant, is slowly dying in many areas will leave only sand. The growing season where I used to live in Southern Oregon, increased by two months in the last 10 years. It would take a minimum of 2000 years to restore complex old-growth forests, but because of the lack of moisture, increased heat, and continued human interference, it can’t even be done.

The motto that, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” should be amended from human history to human-ecosystem interdependence. Only wild biological systems, and stopping interrupting Nature’s secession matter in the end. Who won what battle, where, will be lost to the sands of time. The question is, will they be lost to sand; or to thriving, wild, diverse, intact, old-growth, ecosystems?

Those who do not make a living with wild ecosystems, are doomed to destroy them.

The only solution is to lower human population from 8 billion to 200–300 million via one-child families. Nature will do it tragically if we don’t do it peacefully ourselves. Judging by the prevalence of large families and the anti-abortion debate, many humans only have half a brain, and the latter will probably be the case.

Before oil was widely used at the start of the last century, human population was 1 billion. In other words, 7 billion people are here because of oil. Burn the rest of the oil and fight a few resource wars, and we will be back to 1 billion anyway. The first rule of the Dominion Game that has to change is: no more large families.

This game must be forgotten and Nature freed to begin repair over millenia. By playing the Dominion game, we are stealing from our children to enrich ourselves today. The kicker is we will be dead soon, so what’s the point? Every greedy timber baron and dam builder is dead, but we are stuck with their deforestation, dead fisheries, and climate change. Dominion turns humans into blind Takers.

Winning Determines Society Values: Important!

How players win determines what we value. How people win is controlled by the rules. Civilization values competition among people. All life is classified as property without self-sovereignty. Irreplaceable ecosystems are clear-cut for short-term profit while long-term climate changes is caused by deforestation and urbanization. Costs are externalized so players do not see the consequences of their actions. Human life in the form of labor is claimed by winners.

Clear-cutting an old-growth forest and replacing it with a tree farm, and prairies with agriculture, is the overnight destruction one of Earth’s lungs that took millions of years to evolve. Damming most coastal rivers is the destruction of wild fisheries, and is the overnight destruction of Earth’s second sea and inland water lung. Civilization’s brilliant invention used to create large static populations: agriculture, only works short-term until it exhausts topsoil and shreds biodiversity.

A difficulty many people have is thinking in time spans. We cannot see the problems facing our children if we just look at the state of the world as it is today in one snapshot. We have to look back across, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of years, to see how the world was, and how things cam to be the way they are now. Then we have to see forward with whole systems eyes to see what the future will most likely be like for our future generations because of our actions today.

The Indigenous Game values: cooperation, and interdependence. Members are known as Leavers. All life is sovereign simply by being alive as part of the complex web of life. Native tribes derive their livelihood by participating in complete, healthy, wild ecosystems. Civilization destroys ecosystems, and brands indigenous societies as illegal.

Indigenous means evolved to coexist permanently with Earth and all species. When the slave trader Columbus was found lost at sea, he landed on the last Garden of Eden. Eden is not a mythical place. It is Earth before civilization. The Americas were populated by 100 million people, living in hundreds of diverse tribes, in a fecundity of biodiversity from sea to shining sea. Invading Europeans managed to accidentally genocide most Native Americans with smallpox. Today, we cannot take a step in any direction without standing on stolen land. And, we have the gall to call this the place, the land of the free and home of the brave. A brave person defends voiceless species (and humans) from harm by civilized people.

Most dangerous thing Columbus brought was the civilization mind disease. This meme destroyed the Americas. This is important, we have to realize, civilization is nothing more than a programmed thought — a meme.

In just a few hundred years, the exploitation values of the Dominion Game has destroyed this once complex web of life. Civilization values perpetuating itself, maintaining human dominion over all species, and large static populations. Civilization’s core meme is that it must continue at all costs. Verse one, chapter one, of the old testament reversed millions of years of evolution, and declared human dominion over the very species we evolved with. We put a lot of stock in capitalism and science, but profit and soulless invention has no conscience. The resulting domestication of Earth shifted human livelihood from living in harmony with diverse Nature to consuming her.

Values must shift back to re-indigenize humans. The Dominion Game and taking will end one way or another.

The Dominion Game is the greatest mistake in human history.

Chuck Burr

The point is that, we are playing a game for just our immediate gratification. It diminishes the world for our children, and all other life. We have to wake up and realize that society is just a game with rules. How the rules force us to make a livelihood shape our our values — we value what we depend on. Because the Dominion Game has created huge populations, we depend on domestication, and consume the natural Earth. The only way out of this game is with enough fewer humans to enable Nature to heal herself.

Civilization is a lit match consuming the world. Just because our forefathers ripped the best pages out of the story called Earth, does not mean we have to do the same to our children. We are supposed to be the smart species, let’s start acting like it with greater empathy.

Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised 10th Anniversary, Fourth Edition. If you like it, share this post.


[1] Image: Wikicommons. Nathan Shively.