Only Women Can Vote: Filter Societies’ Decisions Through The Feminine

Women see the big picture through the eyes of the heart, while men see life from their own perspective. Men are unable to filter out our problems.

What Does History Show?

The Great Confederacy or League of the Iroquois was formed as early as the 1100 A.D. It eventually united tribes from the Northern Eastern United States to the Great Lakes and Southern Canada. Benjamin Franklin copied the Leagues’ government to form the U.S. Constitution. However, the Americans changed three things: removed the vote from women and gave the vote to men, added a chief executive, and allowed the government to change borders or go to war without the will of the people.

Marija Gimbutas‘ archeological research showed that Old European Culture 6000 – 4000 B.C. was largely a peaceful goddess culture. Implements for war did not exist, and were not depicted in art. It was not until the emigration – invasion of the Kurgans from the East, that war entered European culture 4000 – 1000 B.C.

What Does The Present Show?

Men invented civilization with large static populations used to overwhelm smaller diverse indigenous peoples. Men created dominion, war, violence, inequity, poverty, poor education, the control systems that enslave the people, and almost complete wild environment destruction. Men have created a system of impoverished, enslaved, programmed populations that must destroy the Earth to live. Huge populations are programed with no alternative. Access to resources is cut off. The land is not free. Government control systems are monopolies. In 150 short years, civilization has exploded to begin to destroy Earth’s life-sustaining ecosystems. We are now wrecking the climate, not because of fossil fuel emissions, but because of deforestation.

How To Change The World for The Good Of All Life:

Only Women Can Vote

Women carry life, see the big picture, and remember personalities. The feminine makes decisions from peace and calm in the heart, are more grounded, and gain insights beyond what is given. Women remember what a child was like growing up, and if they will make a wise leader or they are trouble. Gender has never been an equal proposition. Men have always been able to walk around more freely, while for women the consequences of love and life have been much more dire. Women take life more seriously.

Men primarily want immediate gratification for themselves and their ego. Male thought comes from the place of negativity, inadequacy, and improper. Why shouldn’t men trust their female partners to make wiser decisions for all life? What does male insecurity say about men’s decision making ability?

Society should be afraid of men selecting leaders with short-sighted agendas, intellects suspended by beliefs, ignorance of the big picture, injustice, and ecological genocide. Why should we entrust selection of our leaders to the gender that invented guns, war, poisons, prisons, violence, inequity, dictatorship, genocide, one mighty god, and slavery?

Case in point, look this moron (personal opinion), Congressman John Curtis of Utah. “I wish women could decide abortion law.” says Republican man who backs ban. So this old white man believes he has to make this decision contrary to women’s best interest, and he recognizes it.

Who invaded the native lands, plowed under the perennial prairies, destroyed the climate-stabilizing rain-giving forests, who polluted the air and drinking water, who started and fought the wars? Men.

Yes, women have been involved. But civilization enslaves all people to destroy the world to live. Many will say, “Everyone, including men, must be enfranchised.” But, ask yourself, “When civilization was formed and until recently, who stole the vote from women, and kept the vote to themselves?” Men.

If men cannot behave in a wholistic, benign, beneficial fashion for all beings, men cannot be involved in choosing our leaders. Biologically women are the big picture, and women must choose leaders. Yes, men contribute great things to society, and family. But it is the male possibility to do great harm, and to take all of society down tragic paths for millenia that must be prevented. Only women can end these tragedies.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many men of good hearts, minds, and souls. But, it is the male propensity to form destructive consensus enforced with control systems that lock society into the direction of their narrow belief. Blind-belief suspends the intellect and ignores the big picture.

Men Can Run For Office

As in the Iroquois League, men and women are invited to serve in office, but are selected by the women. Women do a better job filtering out poor leaders from gaining power. Think about it, would we have societies’ problems if women had selected our leaders?

Eliminate The Chief Executive

Beside allowing only women to vote, the Iroquois had no chief executive to quickly run the tribes amuck. If a decision needed to be made, it could be done within the demographic house. The American’s added a chief executive to the Iroquois form of government that Ben Franklin copied because they were used to having a King George.

Eliminate The Senate: Keep The Demographic House

The American Senate is like the British House of Lords, and just represents entrenched wealthy interests. Democracy fails if we have one House for and by the people, and a second Senate body for and by the wealthy. The U.S. Senate blocks almost all innovation, and betterment in government.

Demographic House Chooses The Supreme Court

A demographically chosen House will select Supreme Court Justices that better reflect the needs of all people, not just the wealthy or old white men. The chief executive no longer exists, nor does one person choose justices for all.

All Must Vote To Go To War

Before the salve trader Columbus was found lost at sea, the Americas were a relatively peaceful place – except for the Incas and Mayans who did get out of hand. Each tribe had its own land, customs, and languages. It was not until Europeans started stealing native lands pushing tribes up against each other, and infected the indigenous peoples with the war mind-disease, then war became common. War is a male twisted-mind disease. One group of old men who caused the problem, should not be allowed to send young men and women to die for their mistakes. Those leaders who start a war must fight in the front lines and be prepared to die for it.

Democracy 2.0: For The Modern Age

  1. We allocate which departments get what percentage of our taxes each year. Where are taxes are spent is taken out of the hands of politicians. End spending without representation.
  2. Our government no longer borrows money. A body that can mint its own money has no business borrowing money and sticking its citizens with the debt.
  3. We no longer pay taxes. Why should we pay taxes to a government that can mint money? Isn’t creating money one of the points of having a government? Taxes are a form of slavery to keep the poorer classes poor.
  4. Government is re-organized by watershed, and then subdivided by bioregion. The square makes no sense. Organize governments by the way the life flows. Then break all of these areas into small autonomous tribal areas.
  5. End monopoly government. Allow any form of government that people choose to subscribe to make decisions and spend their money. Allow any form of decision making such as consensus. Except only women can vote, but men can run for office.
  6. Create innovative incentives to limit family size for all income levels. For example, offer free college tuition, room, and board to one-child families. Offer financial assistance to people who do not have the ability to pay for planned parenting services themselves. Men or women could be paid $20,000 to receive a vasectomy, or tubal ligation before their first child, and $10,000 after their first child but before a second. At an extreme, announce that after the next 12 months, any child beyond one per family will no longer receive free public education, or government services. The idea is to start a discussion. It is more affordable to limit family size up front, than providing additional government services to more people later.
  7. Do tax all externalized costs. No resource is truly free. Everything must go some where in the end. Everything we consume is taken from someone else. Calculate the true cost of loss of old growth forests, prairies, fisheries. Make consumers pay to completely restore them. For example, pay to remove all dams, and fish hatcheries. Do not fish wild fisheries until fishery levels return to pre-Columbian levels.
  8. Publicly fund all elections. Remove all private money from politics. Each office is paid a certain level. Anyone, who poles above 15 percent receives this amount to run a campaign.
  9. End corporate personhood, and limited liability. Corporations are not people, and have no business influencing elections. There is no reason investors and officers should be shielded from the actions of the companies they represent.
  10. All media from radio, television, and digital must be locally nonprofit owned. No entity may own more than one media. All news must be fair and equal, otherwise it must be labeled as entertainment.
  11. Police staff must be college graduates. College is offered free as a requirement for service in the police forces.
  12. End the Department of Death, aka Military. Spend the money instead on rewinding, education, one-child family support, public health, cleanup, and infrastructure.
  13. All people can vote my mail today, and online in the future.

Share these ideas person-to-person. Don’t just read these essays, post links on your social media to essays that resonate with you. Our speech is not free if dissenting messages are hidden by search engines, and mainstream media. You found these ideas, now share them with others!

Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised Fourth Edition. 10th Anniversary.


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