Modernity Meditation [Poetry]

Our weaknesses is our strength. We are wrong when we think we are right. Our brains are too large. The executive center overrides the natural.

Downloading the wrong operating instructions shoots a human off like an errant missile to destroy for its lifetime and to teach generations to come.

The hive mind is distracted, addicted, self-replicating, dangerous. Education is programming. There is no free thinking in a wage-slave society. There is no wild law on privatized land. Every owner wroughts destruction with their private vision imposed on the land.

We fight cancer our chemicals create. Civilization metastasizes across the planet eating life like an acid. Society grinds life into dust.

Our life support ecosystem grows weaker by the season, less resilient, unstable, genetically thin, invaded. Nature’s wild species scream in agony, crushed, burned, starved, displayed by holy civilization’s reckless dominion.

Indigenous peoples are stunned as superior knowing better peoples kill them, enslave them, plow under valleys of perennial vegetables, cut down forests or millennia food trees, dam the rivers so the salmon die and pour their poisons everywhere including on their own food.

How can you tell a people who have lived in harmony with the land for 10,000 years when you kill it in 200 that you know a better way to live? Who then is superior?

What curse has civilization wrought? All say, “Civilization must continue at all costs.”. Yet it will be a mere smolder after the great burning.

Humans are not the curse. Modern social organization is.

Re-wilding, regenerating, wild nature, the land’s law will be left.

Natural always bats last. The river always wins.

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Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised Fourth Edition. 10th Anniversary.