The Lies of Our Fathers: It’s Time to Write a New Story

You will find many a member of the Abrahamic cult known as Christianity who promote their religion to others. You will find a few brave souls who devote their lives to alleviating the suffering of the poor. But they they are not wise enough to treat the cause of the poverty nor cherish the home their god gave them.

Not since St. Francis will you find one wise and brave enough to save stand up for non-human species and save the world. Where are those with tall crosses standing in front of the logging trucks, fishing boats and tractors shouting, “Stop destroying god’s world!”?

Where are the Christian armies that do the dirty work for politicians and corporations to protect the rain forest, old growth forests and fisheries? Where is the military spending to stop the rape of the land, education to end reckless human breeding, overpopulation and preserve indigenous knowledge?

The sad thing is that abrahamic and other modern religions preach overpopulation and exploitation through the earth belongs to man. These religions teach some noble truths but are founded on twisted mind ideals that steal the future from their own children and our relations through constant expansion and exploitation.

Worse yet, modern religions effectually lie to parishioners that the culture they promote is for their benefit. Sure, if you steal land from the only people who knew how to live on it, privatize everything, download civilized operating systems into people, you take away all alternatives except domestication and destruction.

So now you say to the people, “We must plow, dam, mine and cut; we have no choice.” Right, your leaders and the immortal super-people, corporations, have destroyed the wild and buried the knowledge of how to live in harmony with the our only home.

I ask you, who then is the dam nation?

Civilized people have environmental and historical amnesia. We live too short a time to appreciate the destruction their lifestyle brings. If we lived longer we would know and love the species we kill through our actions. We would see buffalo replaced by the grocery store. We would see the endless old growth replaced by sprawl and plantations.

We are surrounded by ghosts who created this garden of eden we are destroying. How can you say an un-civilized person living on the land for 10,000 years knows nothing, while our culture has destroyed the garden within 200 year? Who is the stupid one?

It’s Time For The Old Way of Thinking

Let Gen. X, Y and Z be free. Stop downloading the sewage of our forefathers into their minds. End the monopoly government that has the hubris to control all land. Abolish the laws written by the dead to enslave the living.

We thirst for freedom because we have so little of it. Fences, police, laws, military, wage slavery, locked up food, buried wild knowledge, privatized land, patented life all to protect the few from the many.

Natural will always wins. She is forgiving allowing you to create your own mistakes. She outlasts all until the children inherit the mistakes of their fathers. But civilized children know so little, they do not recognize a curse when they live it.

We grasp civilization like we depend on it for our lives while it kills our future. Civilization never created anything of worth it only destroys. We have to trust that if we care for nature she will care for us. She has for 3.5 billion years. The fact that you are here today shows she will tomorrow.

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Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised Fourth Edition. 10th Anniversary.