Free Your Thinking: 10 Ways to Improve Society for the Better

The problem I see is that we live in a society dictated by dead white men. Who says we have to live the way of the dead? Especially when their ideas are generally stupid. Here are some suggestions that will rock world for the better.

1. End Monopoly Government

Wait a minute, I thought competition was good. You can’t have it both ways, it is or it isn’t. In that case, allow people to create and choose any government they want, it’s their life. Our government has been a basket case since the beginning. The American Revolution just changed where we sent our money. Allow your friends to create any new form they want in any geography. Allow people to opt in as they choose. No central registration or control, no barrier to entry.

Most would react that the world would go to heck in a hand basket without government. My quick response is that the world and humanity did a lot better before government came along. Also, not everybody wants or will put up with a hyper-complex, big government, big corporation, control system, slavery world.

What we simply may need are independent standards setting nonprofits or associations such as for the internet or highways. From there local competing governments can just follow the standards and work together.

Short government course: Government is a mafia crime family formed by financial interests to maintain control. It takes away access to land, resource and education to take care of your family and community. It creates life-long insecurity to force slavery. It takes your sovereignty away the moment you vote to give your power away to one person.

2. Allocated Your Own Taxes

Is this a democracy or not? If it is, let the people allocate where their money is spent or even better, which competing government gets to spend their money. You earned it and have every right to decide how and where it is spent. Whether art for children, social welfare, environment, or even the military, you choose. Replace the military with the department of peace.

This I believe is one of the greatest faults of all forms of government, taking away the sovereignty of where to spend your money by vote or force.

3. Corporations Are Not People

Overturning Citizens United would a big step towards getting money out of politics. End all corporation campaign contributions and media spending. Add publicly funded elections to boot.

4. Constitutional Convention Every 10 Years

Dump the constitution and laws every 5 or 10 years and start ever. A new generation is here start over for gosh sake. Do this on a local, state and county level. I am tired living by dead people’s laws.

5. End Tyranny of the Majority

This business of fake elections, fake media, limited parties all to give away your sovereignty to a handful of people to control your life in some stodgy way they “know better” is nuts. Why do rural people have to be beholden to urban people to despoil their landscapes and force live long servitude like Districts in the Hunger Games. Again, competing governments, consensus or how about local tribes?

6. Tribe-Up

If you have had enough of the military corporate industrial complex, genocide, ecocide, how about trying the last thing that actually worked: tribes? Tribal communities are humanity’s evolutionarily proven social organizational system. We would not be here if it were not for tribes. When Christopher Columbus was found lost at sea, he landed on two continents inhabited by millions of people living in old growth forests, prairies as tall as a man on a hours, thundering game all in harmony with nature. Duhhh, tribes work!

7. No Private Property

Private property is a social agreement to allow you to do what ever twisted “civilized” thing you want to a small piece of land to the exclusion of all other species. Civilized humans are probably the greediest, short sighted and destructive species on the planet, the last thing they should be allowed to do is destroy the landscape for their short- term gratification.

Allow people to move freely between competing social organizations. If you want to live where the sheriff has a swat team and everyone has lots of guns and ammo, go there. If you would rather live at Burning Man, the Oregon Country Fair or permaculture style community, you are free to do so.

Why doesn’t the community build and own housing for all stages of life and enable people to move freely between hosing that is appropriate for their age and life circumstance? Studio, to family friendly to one level housing with cradle to grave care.

8. Teach Permaculture in Middle School

When I teach adults permaculture, I am always thinking, “we should have learned this early on in school.” Ethics of Care for the earth, people and share the surplus are givens. Learning how to look at the world with whole systems eyes is invaluable. Permaculture does impose an intense design on a small piece of private property but it is a big step in the right direction.

9. No Money

Money is the root of all evil. It commoditizes the wild and our labor. Its concentrated in the hands of the greedy. Burning Man is a huge success and there is no money allowed.

10. Live Your Truth

That is the point, stop living dead people’s lives, you are here now, they are gone, let’s move on. I love my parents, grandparents and before, but I am frustrated that they destroyed most of our beautiful wild planet and gave me and my children a domesticated farm planet, a lifetime of wage slavery and no way out. Let’s make the America’s regenerative, healthy and diverse again for all species.

If we can do just some of these, it will be much easier to make improvements to society or simply for future generations to live the way the see fit instead of how we believe they should. What right do we have to tell future generations on how to live when we are gone?

What makes the photo above great, is that it is obvious that the woman on the right believes that she has the right to tell the woman on the left how to live. And probably that she will use her vote to make her government enforce her beliefs on the woman on the left.

Chuck Burr