How To Improve Society: Culturequake

How can we improve society with 7 billion addicted consumers? Easy, our kids will look beyond their parent’s culture that got them into this mess. Yes, there are alternatives.

No offense mom and dad, but you and my grandparents fucked up the world. You have left us with dwindling resources, crashing climate, narrow-minded thinking, lousy government, poor education, and conditions ripe for pandemics. This goes to show that we have to re-design society for the benefit of our children, and of all life.

By society I mean human social organization. I do not mean civilization. Civilization cannot be fixed; waste no time thinking about it. This is the hardest idea for modern people swallow because we are taught to believe that civilization must continue at any cost.

By improving society, I mean re-inventing a new social organization. Better yet, restore the old one that actually worked. Correct His-story to show that the America’s were a garden of eden when Columbus spread the civilization mind-virus.

Earth warning label: An ecosystem fails when a species over-expands. Too many tigers, no dear, then no tigers. Too many people…

Think about it for a minute. Humanity somehow survived and evolved over millions of years to create you. How did it do that? Simple, diverse interdependent communities making a living as part of the landscape’s web of life: tribes.

How To Improve Society: Dump The Old And Create New

Tweaking what we have will fail like placing sticks in a river. Instead, we have to change the course of the entire river. Civilization cannot be fixed. Read, Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who. Play it loud.

How To Improved Society: Point The Way

Accept Responsibility – We did it. We messed up the planet. We did not examine nor react to the consequences of our actions. As long as we participate in civilization; it is our fault. We own it.

Let Civilization Go – Accept that the way our parents taught us to live is destructive for ourselves, our children and other life. Accept that are better alternatives.

Think Small – Figure out how to live where we are with our community, our tribe. Connect with similar communities in other locations. After a while, our children may find they live in a tribal nation with a new identity.

Our numbers must become small, from 7.8 billion reduced to maybe 70 million. We maintain 7.8 billion on Earth for a short time by destroying most of the other remaining life until the biosphere runs down.

One Child Families – The only ways off the population-precipice we have climbed up to, are either collapse or one-child families. If we wait for collapse we take most of Nature’s biodiversity down with us. If our children have one-child per couple we will have a peaceful soft landing.

No substantial improvement in society is possible until human population is reduced probably below 1.6 billion. This is about our numbers around 1900 AD. Until then we will still have poverty, scarcity, environmental destruction, pandemics, war and more. Our numbers will have to go much lower still in the long run.

Renounce Ownership

All men and women are equal with all other life. Let us live this truth: end land ownership, end inequity in all ways from homes to education, and frankly end money.

Allow Nature To Heal Herself – Our action must become inaction. Nature knows how to heal by herself without humans. She heals by succession, from opportunistic plants that bring their own nutrients, to prairie, to shrub-land, to woodland, and to forest. Humans can remove the dams and the hatcheries, and the sheet of life will again flow up the rivers.

Nature is the mother; she is the teacher; she is the sustainer of all life. Every living thing has an inalienable right to its own life given to it by The Creator. Praise be to Nature. If you pray, pray to Nature. She is the whole of the seen and unseen universe.

Be Regenerative – Do nothing unless is can regenerate itself. A tractor cannot remake itself. A tree can remake itself multiple ways. Sustainable is mining resources and eking by until things fall apart. Regenerative supports the fecundity of life.

Teach Her-Story – Find the epic in time where society changed from indigenous Leavers to destructive Takers. Teach our children the difference between regenerative and our toxic culture. Teach our children when humanity made the Great Mistake. Read, Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution.

New Languages – Learn a new vocabulary. How we speak and make a living are the foundation of our social structure. If we cannot describe a new society, we cannot create it. Right now we do not have the words for a better culture. We need new words and even new languages. Cultural self-identity and identity to a place is important. Love where you live; defend what you loveKS Wild.

Useful Education And Livelihoods – Probably 99 percent of skills taught today are useless in a regenerative culture. Even modern farming, fishing and forestry are useless. Start with wildcrafting, herbalism, seed saving, and natural building. An indigenous person knows the name and use of every plant and animal. Make all education free.

Access To Resources – Everyone owns nothing. The community members share an equal right to wildcrafts. All finds are brought back to the community to be shared with all. This ensures survival by encouraging everyone to share even in lean times.

No One Is In Charge – The U.S. Government forced Native American tribes to create counsels. Until then there was nobody in charge to sign away tribal coal to Peabody company.

We must renege power over one another. Even democracy gives the elected few power over others; it can also be tyranny of the majority. Consensus does force us to hear all reasonable options, but most of us lack expertise in specialty areas.

Optimally, only women vote for leaders of different areas of the community expertise instead of a unified government. For example, in the Breitenbush Hot Springs in Detroit, Oregon, there are separate managers for each element of the community: reservations, business manager, energy and water systems, kitchen, maintenance, fire fighters, and lodging cleaning. Same in indigenous societies: when to move between camps, where to hunt, how to build lodging, shaman healing, women’s health, etc. Speciality is better than universal government.

There Is No One Right Answer – People of the Americas spoke 500 different languages and lived different ways in pre-Columbus. The common element is that we all must make a living working with Nature, and building biodiversity. This means the end of industrial food and material systems. But we must cut our numbers to allow this to peacefully happen. We must become indigenous as one with our landscape.

Allow Experimentation – End monopoly government, end private property, give access to responsible regenerative uses of land. End the control system. Allow people to opt-out of the mainstream to create new cultures. Set creativity free.

What Can We Do Today?

I am not kidding, get a vasectomy or tubal ligation. Recycling will not save us or other species. Consuming less will make no difference because population growth will eat your savings. The only choice we have is fewer people starting with this generation. And the only peaceful way to do that is one child per couple starting now. The past is the past.

Next, educate yourself in a useful livelihood. Become an activist educator, policy maker, nonprofit, or writer. When seeking your community of like-minded friends, Look for skills not money. — Bill Mollison, co-founder of permaculture. Find people who can build a cob cottage, an heirloom timber-frame, or a rocket-mass heater. Who can grow and save seeds, wildcraft food and herbs, treat people with effective herbal remedies. Find people who can tell the time with their fist instead of with a watch. These are your friends. Go become part of all life together.

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Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised Fourth Edition. 10th Anniversary.


Featured Image: Creekgiving by Will McKay Photography.