Climate Change: Fighting Fossil Fuels Is Pointless

Despite any effort we make, all recoverable fossil fuels will be burned anyway. Climate change is a symptom of more pressing issues to be concerned about.

All Fossil Fuels Will Be Burned Sooner Than Later

What is the point of fighting climate change if all recoverable fossil fuels will be burned eventually anyway? Even if we tried to electrify the world, electricity is generated by fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources amount to almost nothing in our electrical generation. Plus, renewables are made and maintained by fossil fuels.

If you believe climate change is caused by fossil fuels, search for this online: We have burned about half of fossil fuels, we will soon burn the over half. Whatever temperature and weather change we are experiencing, plus lag, double it. In some university climate lab, someone has run the data of how much the climate will change once all fossil fuels are burned. I have not found it, but see if you can find a study, leave a comment below.

This is a really simple posting. Some of the messages I have to pass along are just plain obvious, yet they are missed by government, media and the public.

Deforestation Is The Real Cause of Climate Change Anyway

Climate change is primarily caused by deforestation, not by fossil fuels. Read,

Climate Change: Deforestation is the Cause.

Human Over Population Is Creating All of Our Problems

The climate is going to change no matter what because, civilization cannot stop consuming the living matt of the earth: forests, prairies, water. It is pure, unbridled addiction. This is what we should be worried about.

Imagine the consumption over the life time of just one person. We should throw everything we have left not at a Green New Deal, but at education, health care, and messaging to shift to global one-child families. If we can get population down below one billion, the pressure will be taken off everyone and Earth. To achieve the wisdom to look beyond ourselves, and do this will require a social evolution to the next level. Read,

The One-Child Revolution: Our Only Hope.

Message To Future Parents.

See the Art of Mark Henson for inspiration.

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[Image], EIA’s Electric Power Monthly – September 2020 Edition with data for July.

Chuck Burr is author of Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution. Revised Fourth Edition. 10th Anniversary.